Thursday, 26 May 2011

Venum "Giant" Boxing gloves RRP £74.99

"best quality gear??, Hmmmm"
"Venum always produce the best quality gear and these gloves are no exception" Reads the ad blurb.
Hmmmmm, says the BMR Team.  First thing to say is that they do look great and Venum are a company who produce some decent quality stuff however this move many of the MMA "Fightwear" companies are making into the equipment side of the business is producing mixed results, Venum, Hayabusa and Badboy traditionally have all made good quality shorts and apparel but their moves into equipment are producing at best average results and at worst utter garbage.  These Venum boxing gloves fall into the average category but when you look at the £74.99 price tag then they really need to be competing with the best out there and they just are not doing so.

They come in a nice mesh bag and its all well presented. Leather is nice quality and being Thai made you would expect this. They look awesome, velcro straps are nicely done. In fact on initial inspection all looks good.  Get the things on is where it starts to go wrong.  The weighting on them is just odd. they seem a little front heavy and the padding seems very spongey. In use they are ok but after a weeks use the hand compartment on one split and although didn't hinder usage doesn't fill you full of confidence.  Used once a week for a guy who isn't much of a boxer and want a flash pair of gloves in his kitbag great but if you want a serious pair of boxing gloves go elsewhere.  We gave it a 1 because of the hand split however it was heading for a 2 prior to that as they have tried to use good materials and its possible the hand split was an odd pair.


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