Our Review Policy

At Brutal MMA Reviews we will review all product fairly but we do warn you that we won't say nice things for the sake of it, in fact the clue is in the name.   A good product will get a good review, an average one get an average review and a bad one no matter how much hype it has will get our opinion. 

All our reviews take into account many factors and the score is just a guide, you should read the review itself for our reasoning. Some people will disagree with what we say but it is our genuine opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Some things we take into account:
  1. Materials - Many companies make claims that they use only top quality this and that but actually use very cheap materials.  We will absolutely point this out.
  2. Build Quality - Some products are well made whilst others are not. We will test how tough a product is after all it is being used in the toughest sport in the world!
  3. Durability - We will update reviews at regular intervals and if a product ages early or falls to bits after 6 months we will tell you.
  4. Design - This is very subjective however if we see a design flaw we'll say what it is and why we think so.
  5. Value - A great product that is very expensive is still a great product however if someone produces an equally great product for a lower RRP then they deserve a better ranking.
SCORE GUIDE - Our scores are out of 5.  We implore you to read the review as this score may indicate a number of different factors and is only a snapshot of our overall thoughts!!!!!

ZERO - The Skull Rating!  A product we give a zero to will be both in our opinion a bad product but also over priced or priced at the same level as much better products.  For example a bad product priced lower than its competition will more than likely get a 1 but we will explain in the review that you kind of get what you pay for however a bad product priced higher than better products will gain the skull so beware!!

1/5 -  Obviously not great but probably priced ok or we can see many better products priced around the same level.  

2/5 - Decent enough, read the review but chances are there is something better out there for a similar price.  Also there could be a minor glitch which prevents it getting a 2.5 or a 3

3 - Above average but nothing outstanding or a good product that is overpriced.

4 - An excellent product which maybe has a high price tag or a really good overall buy which isn't maybe the best thing on the market but is certainly well worth its price tag!!

5 - You won't see this rating too often but when you do rush out and buy one because it is truly the top of its class