Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Revgear Deluxe Pro MMA Gloves

The Revgear Deluxe Pro MMA glove is a 7oz MMA sparring glove which is designed to act exactly like the 4oz competition glove without the bulky "dome" over the knuckle that most the marketplaces MMA Sparring gloves have. Its a good concept and obviously has been thought about by the manufacturer rather than just copied from another one albiet similar in design to a much older glove made by a little known brand in the USA called Primetime.

The leather is very soft and the instantly worn in feel is appreciated as opposed to the very stiff Fairtex gloves or plasticy Hayabusa's.  The padding is made of a "Gel" material which is extremelt comfortable over the knuckles.  Wrist supports on these gloves are very long with a double wrap over before the velcro obviously designed for better wrist support as this is a training glove.  Design marks so far is a 5/5!

Supplied to us by www.fightstorepro.com we know they are the UK distribution and we really would like to find some faults here....We are Brutal after all.  The feedback after a couple of months from the gym is that the padding is overall less forgiving than some of the other MMA Sparrers on the market however this is to some degree a matter of taste.  One Fighter said his training partner described the glove as a liberty taker however maybe that was his how hard he was bashing his comrades in what is still a small glove.

Over all this is a very good piece of kit and really has been well thought out.  We can't actually find a fault; we would guess it not to be as durable as the Fairtex version however its a different design and is instantly useable as opposed to weeks or months of wearing in of the Thai version so we think many would balance that as opposed to the potential for not outlasting its Thai counterpart.
RRP is average for a glove of its type and seems to represent good value in the pro end of the market.
Our rating is an impressive 4.5!


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  2. OT: Good news for May 2 PacquiaoVsMayweather megafight is that the public will be given a chance to purchase and see it live. Bad news is that it ain't cheap. :)

  3. Nice Product. I have been Using this from long time