Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fairtex KPL 2 Thai Pads £99.99

The price of thai pads has just gone through the roof and now investing in a pair is a serous commitment so making the right choice is a serious business.  These pads were supplied to use by who said they are good and try to keep these pads constantly in stock.

The design of these pads is of the curved variety which is gainning popularity personally I think this is a little gimmicky and people forget that Thai pads are often used in conjunction with the belly pad which a curve on the pad does not help however if curved pads are to be seen as a seperate entity gear wise in order to aid use for punching and knees then fair enough.  They are designed that way and its down to the individual to chose straight or curved.

Build wise you can't fault these pads. Fairtex rarely make a bad product and this one is most definately no exception. The leather is top drawer, as is the stitching and pretty much every thing about them say quality.  They are of a medium to large kind of size for Thai kick pads and of an average kind of weight. Fairtex call them Standard pads and its a good description as they are pretty much everything you'd want. What else can we say? So far they haven't shown any signs of wear but with thai pads I'd expect at least 5 or 6 years out of them so too early to say.  I would endorse buying these if its straight pads you are after.  Only the price tag lets it down but saying that there are no really good cheap options right now. If you would like to purchase these pads please buy them from the sponsor of this review

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