Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hayabusa "pro" MMA Shinguards RRP 49.99

First thing that hits you about these shin guards is the weight or complete lack of it, they are extremely light. Now this seems to be a selling point as far as Hayabusa are concerned saying "Lightweight construction for optimal mobility and performance" but the point of a shinguard is to protect the shin and a certain amount of padding is going to be required here but more on this later, anbother question here would be WTF do they actually mean by performance? Ok if a set of shinguards were that heavy they actually slowed your kicks down then that might be an issue but even with a really big set of Thai shins I've never come across that. Nahhhh Marketing bollocks frankly!
Hayabusa Always have great pictures

On the pictures which are always immaculate from Hayabusa these mma shinguards look great but on opening the plastic bag (which literally is a plastic bag) they really look distinctly average. The material is a "semi" leather composite possibly with the under skin made of low grade leather and the finish a PU composite, the back is a neoprene sock with a pretty flimsy fastening at the top.  The stitching is somewhat suspect too without the kind of serious reinforcements you'd be looking for from a so called premium brand. The sizing seems ok neither too small or too big (we tried an L/XL) So the question then comes to what are they like in use? Well the padding is basically inadequate.

They take little out of a landed blow on anything remotely boney and shinchecking is not advised. On the ground they are light and do stay on which is good but a pair of shinguards is designed to protect you during the stand up phase of sparring so if they are not doing their job then whats the point of wearing them.  For a brand that witters on about being trusted etc etc then why bring out such a lousy product? We'll come back to this review in 6 months and see how long these things last in the gym but I can't see them improving in time with their build quality being suspect straight out the packet. We've given this set of shinguards a 1 out of 5 rating and I'd say just avoid them as they don't offer good value for money.


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