Saturday, 28 May 2011

Badboy UK Long Sleeve MMA Rashguard

The really on the ball amongst you may have noticed some strange things happening with the Badboy brand over the last year and one of them is the sudden flood of Badboy products onto the UK market place.  This is due to the fact that like several other bigger MMA brands Badboy made the decision to liecense the brand and allow the buyers to make their own gear donning the famous Badboy eyes.

So enter the UK Long Sleeve rashguard.  This has been sublimation printed meaning the ink sinks into the material and in terms of it retaining its design this certainly should help.  One "fault" with many rashguards including some of the Badboy range is the design quickly peels off as it gets sweaty and rubbed off mats.  This almost certainly won't happen with this style of printing.  The fit is tight as indeed it is meant to be and as rashguards go is ok.  Not great but ok, this is really going to depend on body type to some degree as a large is a bit generic in terms of sizing on a tight fitting garment such as this however all I can say is it fits ok.  I have found better fitting rashguard’s such as Manto for example but again this could be down to my body type. 
I always find the typically American style marketing schpeel about advanced “thermawick” technology a bit of a laugh. All rashguards pretty much deal with sweat better than a cotton tee shirt simply due to their material choice and tight fit.  Let’s face it a rashguard has two basic functions in grappling sports.  To avoid getting hands, fingers and toes caught in loose material and to minimise grazes and burns off the mats or often when worn under a gi off the kimonos rough cotton. It’s fair to say this one does its job as well as any other.
So what can you actually say about a rashguard as opposed to another one?  Well I think the material on this one is really flimsy and compared to rashguards I’ve owned for 6 years or more I can’t see this one lasting anywhere like as long.  It did wash ok which some don’t but the design looks like it lost some of its original sharpness almost immediately.  Whether you like the design or not is pure opinion.  Stitching looks ok and personally I quite like the wide neck however many such as Manto have a reinforced neck area so I’m not sure how well this is going to retain its shape, we’ll try and follow this up in months to come
In conclusion this is ok, not great but ok.  I would have liked to have seen a tougher material used like the ones from the USA did but I would imagine this has something to do with the printing as I’ve seen this style before and the material is always different. It serves its purpose if without any particular flair.  Priced at £39.99 like most of the “Top” brands this badboy rashguard is bang on average price too.   So average we’d say.  Not the standard of previous offerings from their USA counterparts but a decent enough garment.  Had it been priced at the level of a Caged Steel rashguard I would have given this a 3 but due to low value for money we have scored this item a 2/5.


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