Thursday, 26 May 2011

Top King 12oz 3 Tone "Professional" Boxing Gloves RRP £55

Top King have made quite some strides into the Muay Thai market in the last year and are beginning to get a good reputation for quality and sharp design. But is this deserved or just another load of marketing hype?? We've been using these gloves for the last few months and here's what we found. They were originally supplied to us by Fightstuff who are also the UK distributors of Top King products.

These gloves are big, whether you see this as a positive or negative is down to personal choice but they are a large size glove with long wrist cuffs and a flattish mold.  The leather is 100% cowhide and of the type of good quality you would expect from a Thai made glove.  The picture above is the actual pair we were sent before we started smashing it up.  (I'll post some of the later photos 6 months on shortly!) First impressions of putting this glove on is that it is a nice fit and some attention has been made to a comfortable and well finished hand compartment, the leather strap is finished well and covers the velcro perfectly which is often a problem with cheaper boxing gloves.
The main feel of them once on is how light they appear to be and in use feel almost like they aren't on which I can only say is great unlike say a pair of Twins specials I have where you definately know you are wearing them.  After 6 months of constant use these gloves don't show any signs of aging and its hard to find a real downside of them.

If there is one I'd say they are in a way a little outsized affording the user quite a shield if he's a bit of a "cover up then strike" type of a guy as opposed t a good technical boxer.  I would say overall an excellent Muay Thai glove although straight up may well elect the Fairtex as a better choice due to their size. We've score this glove a 4/5 as they are also a good deal cheaper than many of their rivals which has to add a point to the score. Fairtex and Twins are both significantly more expensive.

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