Thursday, 23 June 2011

Revgear Muay Thai Kick Pads £89.99

Revgear are relatively unknown in the UK however they have been involved with MMA since 1996 and until recently were the distributors of famous Badboy brand (and still are in the USA)
These Thai Pads arrived via our partners and we were immediately struck by the pretty sexy look of them in red and black with the Revgear logo down the side.  These examples are curved pads and a little smaller than standard straight Thai kick pads however our view on this is to compare  like with like and consider a curved Thai pad to be a different piece of kit to a straight one for obvious reasons. 
With a multitude of MMA brands trying to cash in on the Thai market often with fairly lousy results this pad gets a tick in the build quality stakes straight away using full leather (Unlike say Hayabusa or Venum versions) and from the off they haven’t spared any expense on making sure these pads are well constructed with a nice little touch on the straps putting a cover on the inside for added comfort whilst holding them.  

In use these pads are pretty good all round however I will say the handles are not quite as sturdy as say the Fairtex or Twins versions and when you get a really heavy kicker a bigger pad would certainly be a better option.  They are of a medium weight making holding them for 5x3 minute rounds none too painful however again bigger kickers seem to send allot of shock through the pads. 
In conclusion these are a decent set of pads and great for use with punch and kick combos, the slipping on the handles and medium shock absorption prevented these pads from a very good 4 out of 5 rating however they gain a pretty respectable 3.5 gained from excellent build quality and nice attention to detail.  We think for your average MMA guy they are good and will certainly last a long time however if Muay Thai is your game then you may want to consider a slightly bigger pad and maybe look to a Thai brand. 

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